Kansas To Become First State To Own Casinos After Supreme Court Ruling

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Many states in the country have casinos within their borders. No states, however, own the casinos that are in the state. That is about to change. Kansas will become the first state to own their own casinos.

The Supreme Court today, upheld a law that expanded gambling in the state of Kansas. The ruling came after the state’s highest court was asked to clarify if the state had operational control and ownership over the casinos.

Four casinos will come under the state lottery as well as slot machines being added to Camptown Greyhound Park and Woodlands in Kansas. The ruling was expected to come in favor of the state, but still the clarification paves the way for investors to feel confident in their investments.

“It is unnecessary that the state own the physical plant associated with the lottery. It suffices that the state own the game, or the scheme, or the enterprise. Such a definition is consistent with a standard review favoring the constitutionality of KELA,” wrote Rosen.

KELA is the 2007 Kansas Expanded Lottery Act in which slot machines falls under lottery laws, and the state would own and operate four casinos.

Mega Millions Lottery Gambling Jackpot Balloons To $43 Million

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The Mega Millions lottery is no stranger to big payouts this year. Already, the jackpot has grown to over $100 million twice this year. Now, it has begun to rise again.

Nobody was lucky enough to claim the top prize for Friday’s draw, and now the jackpot continues to grow. The next drawing early next week will be for $43 million.

The Powerball jackpot, another multi-state lottery is also growing. Tonight’s drawing will be for $75 million. Should nobody win that drawing, the jackpot could rise to over $100 million for the next draw.

While Powerball is growing, it has not been up at the astronomical numbers that Mega Millions has this year. To start the year, the jackpot rose to triple digits, then a couple of months later is was back to triple digits again.

The multi-state lottery’s are being played in many states in the country. Both have tremendous popularity in the states in which they are played.

Just this week, the state of Arkansas moved closer to having a state lottery of their own. Their governor received the necessary vote4s to get the lottery idea on the ballot in November. They are one of the few states that currently does not have their own lottery.

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