Las Vegas is known for their glitzy casinos and resorts. What it takes to build these casinos and resorts is people dedicated to getting the job done quickly. That attitude has had a hand in nine deaths that have occurred from accidents on the job.

There have been nine deaths that are casino or resort related in Las Vegas during their recent $30 billion projects that are, or have been taking place. It has not only been the developers themselves that have been at fault.

Construction safety is not high on the priority list of a city that makes their money through their tourism industry. Hotels and casinos need to be renovated or built quickly, in order to maximize the revenue that the establishment can make.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration have found various violations by contractors. Most of the violations have to do with worker training. As for fixing the problem, that does not look like it will happen anytime soon.

“It’s not going to happen, not in this city. It’s push, push, push,” said a safety engineer, who wished to remain anonymous.

The main problem in making the safety requirements stricter is time. Contractors are unwilling to take the chance they will be underbid on projects by companies guaranteeing quicker times.

American Idol Gambling Back On Center Stage Tonight On FOX

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American Idol never would have been a competitor to sports leagues in the United States, but as the show has grown, so has the gambling that goes along with it.

Give Americans a chance to bet their money, and they will jump at the opportunity. That has been the case with the television phenomenon hit, American Idol.

Gamblers are spending more money gambling on the show with each passing year. Tonight, that gambling will once again be the center of the betting universe.

With baseball’s opening day behind us, and college basketball not back until the weekend, the focus of gamblers tonight will be on American Idol.

The odds have changed drastically since the show hit the top twelve contestants. David Archuleta is still the favorite, but is not the overwhelming choice he was a few weeks ago. Long shot David Cook has now made himself a favorite after a couple strong showings.

Tonight, the contestants will once again have the opportunity to change their betting odds by putting on a good performance on the live show. The show will be shown on FOX at 8:00 P.M. Eastern time.

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